4 kg PUREFOODS TENDER JUICY HOTDOGS COCKTAIL, cooked according to package directions
sprigs young rosemary
1 bundle flat leaf parsley
1 pc MAGNOLIA CHEEZEE star-shaped cut out


1 pc cone shaped Styrofoam 15” high
1-2 aluminum foil
scotch tape
253 pc toothpicks


  1. Cover the whole Styrofoam with foil and seal edges with tape.
  2. Measure an inch from the prepared Styrofoam base and insert a toothpick, leaving about 1/3 portion of the toothpick sticking out. Attach a piece of hotdog. Repeat inserting toothpicks and attaching hotdogs until the layer is completed.
  3. For the second layer onwards, insert toothpick about half an inch above the last layer and position between 2 hotdogs. Make sure the layer of hotdogs overhangs, covering about a third portion of the hotdog layer underneath to create a "tree effect".
  4. Garnish hotdog tree by tucking in individual sprigs of rosemary and pieces of flat-leaf parsley. For the top part of the hotdog tree, arrange together more sprigs of rosemary and pieces of parsley.
  5. Place star-shaped cheese attached to a toothpick and insert on tip of the hotdog tree.

Makes 1 tree (about 253 pcs)

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