Ask the Chefs: Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, Home Foodie! Gusto ko pong matutong magluto. Pwede niyo ba akong turuan?

Translation: Can you teach me how to cook?

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Pwede niyo ba akong bigyan ng mga Madalicious recipes na niluluto niyo?

Translation: How can I avail of your recipes?

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Gusto kong mag-negosyo ng pagkain. Ano kayang mga recipes ang pwede kong iluto na hindi mabilis mapanis at madaling pagkakitaan?

Translation: I want to start a small food business. What affordable recipes can you suggest that I start with? What dishes have a long a shelf life and do not spoil easily?

How about start with these recipes:

Arroz Caldo-
Pork and Shrimp Siomai -
Maja Blanca-
Leche Flan-
Puto Leche-
Puto Pao-

Gusto kong mag-diet. Anong mga mura at madadaling recipes ang pwede kong gawin?

Translation: I am on a diet. What #MadaliciousMeals that are affordable can you recommend I prepare?

Caesar Pasta Salad:
Easy Spicy Chicken Bibimbap
Mediterrenean Chicken Pasta Salad
Miso Noodle Soup
Oatmeal Banana Nut In A Jar

Anong mga madadaling recipes ang pwede na pambaon sa kids ko? Yung mura lang at swak sa budget.

Translation: I want a simple recipe that's perfect as pambaon for my kids but is affordable especially for a parent like me who has a limited budget. Any suggestions?

Chicken Nuggets Aloha-
Sweet Ginger Chicken-
B.E.L.T. (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, and Tomato) Sandwich-
Crazy Gravy Corned Beef-

Do you have a gluten-free menu?

We do not have a set menu for gluten free diet. You can just choose recipes that do not use wheat and products (all purpose flour, pasta, pre prepared soups & sauces for example). Naturally gluten free foods are fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, dairy, beans, legumes and nuts. Perpetually, most of our recipes are generally gluten free.

Can you suggest breakfast meals I can feed for my two-year old baby?

We do not have specific recipes that cater to a 2 year old. Young children should be offered a wide variety of food from the various food groups since preferences are developed- bread, cereal, rice & pasta group, vegetable group, fruit group, milk group, meat group, fats & oils group. Usually kids this age do not appreciate mixed dishes (ex. Chopsuey). It is best to serve viands separately.

Can you give me recipes I can prepare for my 8-month old baby?

We don't have recipes for infants and toddlers. However, we recommend that you boil and puree or boil and mash vegetables or fruits. We encourage you to introduce each food item one by one so that your baby can appreciate the taste and texture. Do not season the food. For meats, poultry, and seafood, slice them in tiny pieces so it will be easier to chew.

Gusto kong maghanda ng iba't ibang potahe para sa pamilya ko na masarap sa tanghalian at hapunan. Anu-anong recipes ang pwede kong lutuin?

Translation: I am loooking for Madalicious lunch and dinner recipes for my family. What can you recommend?

You can browse through our website to check on Madalicious Lunch and Dinner recipes you can prepare for your family:

Can you suggest appetizers with bacon?

You can try the following recipes:

Bacon and Cheese Dip:
Bacon Topped Potato Skins:

I want affordable salad recipes. Any suggestions?

Try preparing our Madalicous Salad Recipes:

Thai Chicken Salad:
Chicken Kani Salad with Sesame Dressing:

What can I use as a substitute for fresh milk?

You can use Magnolia All Purpose Cream.

Anu-anong mga recipes ang madali at murang gawin na pwede sa birthday party ng anak ko? Yung magugustuhan ng bata at matatanda.

Translation: Any ideas for meals for a kiddie birthday party? I want to serve dishes that both kids and adult guests will enjoy.

You can check the following recipes:

Quick Meaty Spaghetti-
Corn Dogs-
Star Chocolate Bannoffee-
Yummy Chocolate Mousse-

Nalalapit na ang birthday ng anak ko. Di ako makaisip ng mura pero masarap na dessert. Pwede niyo ba ako bigyan ng mga ideya?

Translation: Do you have quick, easy, and affordable desserts perfect for kiddie birthday parties?

You can check the following recipes:

Chocolate And Caramel S’mores:
Graham Ice Cream Sandwiches:
Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream:

What easy-to-prepare breakfast meals can I prepare for my very active teenagers?

You can check the following recipes:

Chicken Oatmeal Congee
Ham and Cheese Platter
Star Rice Ala Cubana

Paano magluto ng ulam na hindi nakikita ng mga anak ko ang sinahog kong gulay?

Translation: I am having a hard time feeding my kids vegetables. Do you have vegetable recipes kids will like? Are there recipes where I can sneak in veggies and my kids wouldn't notice?

I-mash mo ang patatas, kalabasa, carrot, o sayote o kaya naman ichop ang madahong gulay gaya ng kangkong, cabbage, at pechay. Pwedeng ihalo ang mga ito sa giniling, pagkatapos, gawin itong burger o bola bola na iprinito, may sabaw, o salsa.

Kung mahilig sa spaghetti ang iyong anak, haluan ang sauce ng ginayat o grated carrots at kalabasa.

Translation: Mash the potatoes, squashes, carrots, and chayotes (sayote). You can also chop leafy vegetables like spinaches and cabbages. Mix these vegetables in ground beef to create burger patties or meatballs, which you can fry, place in soup, or add in salsa.

If your kids love spaghetti, mix grated carrots and squashes in the sauce.

I want to know how to make Afritada with a budget of 100php only.

If you are cooking to serve 3 people only then you can make Afritada for P100. Sautè in 2 tbsp oil 1 medium (50g) onion, 4 cloves garlic and 3 pc (300g) chicken (wings or drumsticks). Add a small pack of tomato sauce, and water. Simmer covered for 10 minutes. Season with patis or salt and pepoer. Add 1 to 2 pc (150g) potato (cut into chunks). Cook for 10 minutes or until tender.

Is there a substitute for egg requirement in baking? Need to know so I can still bake for my daughter who's allergic to poultry products.

Check this link and see if it works for you

Anong mga pagkain ang pwede sa may ulcer? Bawal daw ang mga mamantika. Pwede pa rin ba kumain ng karne?

Translation: I have ulcer. What healthy recipes can you recommend for me?

Ang aming mga recipes cater to the general public even those with ulcers. Importante pa rin to strive for a well balanced eating plan. Kailangan lang limitahan ng may taong may ulcer ang mga pagkain at seasonings/spices na nakakapag stimulate ng flow ng gastric juices sa tiyan gaya ng pepper, chili, cloves, garlic, coffee, soda.

Translation: Persons with ulcers should just limit foods and seasonings/spices that stimulate the flow of gastric juices: pepper, chili, cloves, garlic, coffee, soda. Restrict alcohol intake. And limit frequent eating/snacking so the body secretes less stomach acids. Other than these, any food can be enjoyed unless it causes discomfort. Eating bland food is passe to heal an ulcer. Recent research in the last decade shows that no food choices cause or cure ulcers.

Our recipes cater to the general public even those with ulcers. It is important to strive for a well balanced eating plan.

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What is the best food for pregnant women this summer to beat the heat?

The level of nutrient and energy requirements is up during pregnancy and there is no best one food item that can supply all requirements. Eating (for two) and choosing from a variety of food sources is the best. To ward off summer heat, it’s best to be hydrated by increasing fluid intake so besides water, include milk, fruit juice and broth/soup. Eat cold fruits that are high in moisture like melons and berries. Also, have a refreshing salad. Fruits and veggies contain fiber, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to pregnant women.

I love kesong puti. Any meal suggestions or recipes with it?

Kesong puti is such a versatile ingredient. Consume as bread spread, toss in pasta and top on salads and pizza. Try our Adobo Pizza using kesong puti!

I’m trying to lose weight this summer. What is the healthiest oil I can use? Does it affect the taste?

The healthiest oils are ones that contain mostly polyunsaturated fatty acids found in significant amounts in some vegetable oils like corn, sunflower, safflower and soybean. Oils with monounsaturated fatty acids are next in the form of olive, canola and peanut oils. However, this does not mean tropical vegetable oils and animal-based fats should not be consumed as these cook food well and animal-based fats do provide great flavor to various dishes. The key is moderation in consumption. After all, oil is still fat and each teaspoon, regardless of type gives the same number of calories. MAGNOLIA NUTRI-OIL is still a good choice since it’s fortified with Vitamins A and E, which greatly helps with the immune system.

Hi Home Foodie any suggestions for a one pot dish for a simple dinner party with friends?

One pot dishes are great for either quick home meals or entertaining. We have a lot of one pot dish recipes for your dinner events! Here are links to some recipes.

  • Beef and Shrimp Jambalaya Rice
  • Creamy Chicken and Pork Rice
  • Chicken Adobo Rice with Kangkong
  • One Pot Sukiyaki Alfredo Pasta
  • Bistek Tagalog Pasta

Aren't hotdogs unhealthy?

Hotdogs are safe for both children and adults to eat. Kami ay transparent sa mga ingredients na aming ginagamit sa paggawa nito. Ang importante ay sundan ang principles of mindful eating- variety (samahan ng iba't ibang pagkain tulad ng gulay, prutas), balance (hindi isang klase lang ng pagkain ang kakainin) and moderation (ilimita base sa pangangailang protina ng katawan sa pang araw-araw). Any food dapat talaga in moderation dahil anything in excess or labis ay proven namang may epekto sa kalusugan. Tandaan na ang kalusugan at nutrisyon natin ay ang ating responsibilidad. 

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