Ask the Chefs: Cooking Equipment

In addition to a curious palate, every cook and chef needs his collection of basic tools to help him in the kitchen. But with the thousands of products available in the market, you can get overwhelmed. So what do you really need?
Home Foodie gives you the breakdown of kitchen essentials to help you start your culinary journey, as well as tips on how to get more out of your cooking appliances.

Gusto kong mag-bake ng cake pero wala akong oven, ano ang pwede kong gamitin?

Translation: What is the best alternative if one does not have an oven? What can I use for baking cake if I do not have an oven at home?

You can use a turbo broiler or oven toaster.

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Hi Home Foodie! What are the basic tools that you need if you are starting to learn to cook pa lang? Many thanks! – Roselle Grefalda
It’s always good to invest in good knives. To get the job done, start with these basic knives: chef’s, paring and serrated knife. For utensils, have cooking ladles, tongs, spatula, whisk, grater, peeler, kitchen scissors, can opener, measuring cups and spoons.
Basic kitchen tools would also include color-coded chopping boards, and a durable set of pots and pans. For start-up pots and pans, start with a basic frying pan for general frying; wok for sautéed, stir-fried, fried and saucy dishes; a medium saucepan for soups, sauces and small quantity saucy viands; and a casserole for pot roasts and soupy dishes.

I am learning to cook. I am planning to buy a turbo broiler… Is it safe to use a broiler in cooking? – Lady Ann Briguera
It’s perfectly safe to use a turbo broiler for cooking. A turbo broiler is a portable multifunctional convection oven. You can turbo-roast meat, broil, bake, steam, and reheat food. Cooking food in a turbo broiler is much healthier as well. Recipes that require deep-frying can be prepared oil-free.

How to cook the perfect homemade potato chips using air fryer? – Reena Salas-Gonzales
The secret to making the perfect potato chips is to cut the potatoes paper thin. You can use a sharp knife or a vegetable slicer known as a mandoline. Keep in mind, the thicker the potato, the longer it will take to cook.
For perfect crisps, preheat the air fryer to 360°F. In a bowl, lightly coat potatoes with MAGNOLIA NUTRI-OIL and place in the fryer’s basket. Cook for 30 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.


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